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- Communicate with Confidence



This workshop focuses on the development of patterns of interpersonal behaviour that would be most effective in a given situation.

Assertiveness is a useful form of behaviour and feeling. Assertive people search for and get what they want without harming others around them. The program focuses on developing the competencies required to communicate purposefully, assertively and confidently - all situations.

The program also provides learners with practical techniques and strategies to deal with conflict situations.



Delegates will learn:

  • The basics of business communication:
    • How to communicate more purposefully and powerfully
    • How to express their views in a way that others will listen
    • How to build rapport
    • How to listen "unconditionally"
    • How to respond to others' messages
    • How to use questions more effectively
  • About the different patterns of interpersonal behaviour: Passive, Aggressive and Assertive
  • Self Assessment: How assertive am I?
  • About the characteristics of assertive people
  • About the underlying belief systems that plays a role in our behavioural patterns
  • How to deal with "passive" and "aggressive" people
  • How to become more assertive
  • The "win-win formula" for giving feedback
  • How to deal with criticism and rejection
  • What to do when others complain
  • How to break your own patterns of complaining and blaming - alternative strategies that lead to success
  • How to go for a win-win result and keep the relationship in tact when differences of opinion occur
  • How to say "no" without feeling guilty
  • How to assess and address conflict situations
  • Specific skills for defusing conflict that might get out of hand How to control their own strong emotions during challenging interactions
  • How to control their own strong emotions during challenging interactions

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*Learners that want to develop their confidence in delivering Business Presentations could consider the "Business Presentations Skills" program as a follow-up intervention.