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- Happy Customers + Happy Employees + Good Financial Returns = Successful Business



This module is aimed at creating an understanding of how a business operates and how each employee can contribute to the achievement of business goals. They also learn about the factors that negatively impact on business performance and what they can do to help prevent unnecessary losses.



Delegates will learn :

  • What makes a business successful
  • What is needed to stay in business:
    • Happy customers
    • Productive employees
    • Money (Profit)
  • How businesses operate
  • About the impact of productivity on the business
  • About the impact of absenteeism on the business
  • About the impact of poor management-employee relationships on the business
  • To accept responsibility for contributing to the effectiveness of the business and ultimately the business results (bottom line)
  • How to plan and organise their work
  • About the importance of high quality standards and quality control

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