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- Personalised, On-the-job Learning Delivering Competence



This program is aimed at equipping Line Managers, Human Resources Practitioners, Trainers and Skills Development Facilitators with practical skills and techniques to develop others on the job, in a way that contributes to the overall effectiveness of the organisation.

The focus is on sharing knowledge and experience for the long-term benefit of the industry.



On completion of this program learners will be able to:

  • Describe the role of a coach in the business environment
  • Explain what coaching is, and how it differs from counseling, training and mentoring
  • Discuss the principles of coaching
  • Describe the attributes of a great coach
  • Explain why coaching is important and why there is a need for coaching
  • Identify opportunities for coaching
  • Conduct on-the-job coaching sessions
  • Apply a step-by-step model and process for coaching
  • Apply effective listening skills
  • Apply effective questioning techniques
  • Gather performance data and monitor progress
  • Arrange and prepare for a coaching session
  • Give honest feedback to employees and encourage them to ask questions
  • Monitor the progress of the employee in the workplace
  • Identify problems and encourage the employee to come up with solutions
  • Manage the coaching relationship Develop a plan for individual coaching taking the needs of the team into account

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