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- Become a critical thinker, creative problem-solver and effective decision-maker



This workshop is aimed at providing learners with the knowledge and skills to identify areas for improvement, formulate creative solutions and select the best option amongst alternatives.

Delegates will learn how to consistently take decisions that are reasoned, imaginative and a "best fit" for the situation.



On completion of this program learners will be able to:

  • Define and analyse a problem in terms of problem type, problem parameters and possible causes
  • Dismantle complex problems
  • Challenge bias and assumptions
  • Ensure that all the relevant facts are collected
  • Determine possible courses of action
  • Overcome the natural barriers to creative thinking
  • Generate possible solutions to the problem by using a range of problem solving techniques
  • Evaluate possible solutions against established criteria
  • Apply decision making strategies that result in logical, defensible decisions
  • Implement the solution to ensure that solutions are trialed and/or monitored for effectiveness of problem solution
  • Ensure that the implementation of solutions are reviewed and modified and practices are standardised where required
  • Apply best practices in problem solving and decision making Consult stakeholders during the implementation

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