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- Principled Influencing to Get What You Want



Leaders in organisations are required to achieve results with and through others.Their ability to communicate effectively and influence others will, to a large extend, determine their success.

This intensive learning program is grounded in the expanding research from the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming: "The Study of Human Excellence".

The program is aimed at providing learners with influencing skills and techniques that will assist them in dealing with people and influencing them in an ethical manner.

Without these competencies leaders might end up having to continuously face conflict situations and not achieve a high level of team performance.




Delegates will learn:

  • About the nature of influencing
  • How to apply effective communication and influencing strategies that are designed to promote co-operation , influence the other party to look at the situation from a different angle, and build/maintain the relationship.
  • What not to say or do: To avoid responses that might lead to defensiveness and aggression.
  • Learn how to overcome resistance from the other party and create an open the line of communication
  • Determine own preferred style of influencing and learn how to influence people with different styles
  • Learn how to present your point of view to a group of people in a way that will make them listen
  • How to cultivate "buy-in"
  • Why pushing, forcing and telling others what to do, don't work Practical application of a wide range of powerful influencing techniques andstrategies

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