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- Conduct Magical Meetings that Deliver Positive Outcomes



This workshop is aimed at providing delegates with the competencies needed to prepare for and conduct structured, productive, goal-orientated meetings - with a touch of "magic" to keep participants engaged .

The focus is on preparing for meetings, conducting "magical" meetings, facilitating participation, dealing with different viewpoints and recording discussion points and decisions taken at the meeting for distribution to stakeholders.



Delegates will learn:

  • How to prepare for meetings
  • How to determine whether a meeting is necessary
  • How to determine the purpose of the meeting
  • About the secret to meaningful meetings
  • How to develop an agenda
  • How to structure meetings for maximum impact
  • How to apply a specific model and techniques for creating "magical meetings"
  • How to make meetings fun and engaging
  • Who to invite and how to assign responsibilities
  • The role of the chairperson
  • How to facilitate discussion
  • What to do when agreement is not reached
  • How to deal with the following typical meeting problems:
    • Lack of progress due to differing viewpoints
    • Late arrivals and no shows
    • Poor participation / Excessive talkers
    • Side conversations
    • Deviation from the topic
  • How to take and distribute minutes
  • What to do after the meeting
  • Practical ideas for improving all your meetings How to make video conferencing work

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