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- The Gift of Guidance



This workshop will empower Supervisors and Managers to fulfill a mentorship role.

Learners will obtain the knowledge and skills required to mentor a colleague to enhance the person's knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in a selected career path.



On completion of this program learners will be able to:

  • Explain the concept of mentoring with examples

  • Explain the difference between mentoring, coaching, counseling and training and give an indication of when each is appropriate

  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of the mentor and employee to be mentored, as well as the relationship between them

  • Negotiate a written contract with a prospective employee to be mentored

  • Identify the characteristics of a good mentor based on personal experience and reflection

  • Explain and apply different models of mentoring

  • Access information required to fill knowledge gaps for a specific situation

  • Demonstrate interpersonal communication skills required of a mentor

  • Assess relationships, dynamics and personality aspects in a situation using active listening and observation skills

  • Develop a plan to mentor an individual with reference to goal setting, critical path schedule, continuous monitoring and review

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