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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) @ Work

Powerful Habits and Strategies for Success



This powerful program is solidly grounded in the expanding research from the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming: "The study of human excellence".

The program is aimed at providing learners with a set of core NLP-SKILLS and TECHNIQUES. The focus is on identifying and developing key INTERNAL DRIVERS for success.

NLP provides you with specific and learnable techniques that can easily be applied to achieve personal and professional change and success.



Delegates will learn:

  • A range of powerful tools and strategies to create personal and professional success
  • How to determine what they really want (Goal setting strategies and techniques)
  • How to identify the things that are important to them - in their personal and professional lives (Personal and professional value systems)
  • How to get and keep themselves going (Self Motivation)
  • How to build your own self confidence
  • How physiology changes mood
  • About "state" changes and management (How to change the way they feel about something)
  • Recovery strategies - how to handle criticism and bounce back in times of adversity
  • Self empowerment strategies

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