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- New Technology for Human Achievement

This intensive and comprehensive program is solidly grounded in the expanding research from the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming:The study of human excellence


This intensive 6-day program is aimed at providing learners with a wide range of powerful and advanced NLP-SKILLS and TECHNIQUES. The focus is on managing “self” and “others”, using effective mental, emotional and behavioural strategies that are grounded in the research from the field of NLP.

NLP provides you with specific and learnable techniques that can easily be applied to achieve personal and professional change and success and live an inspired life.


MODULE 1 - (2 days)
  • Goal setting strategies and techniques
  • Personal and professional values
  • Self motivation & motivating others
  • Self presentation and personal branding
  • Physiology of excellence
  • State changes & management
  • Empowerment strategies for self and others
  • Managing your energy levels
  • Facilitating change in others
MODULE 2 - (2 days)
  • Communication styles & patterns
  • Language patterns for success
  • Working styles - self & others
  • Sensory acuity - picking up communication signals
  • Rapport building strategies
  • Understanding how others make decisions and how you can influence them
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Presenting your ideas - the NLP way
MODULE 3 - (2 days)
  • Advanced mental strategies for success
  • Reprogramming your mind
  • Creating a peak performance imprint
  • Destroying non-functional decisions
  • Uncovering and using your time line
  • Using metaphors to promote change
  • Helicopter thinking (visioning)
  • Continual improvement frames

IN-HOUSE only: A minimum of 12 delegates required