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- Think Better - Feel Better - Live a Great Life!



Module 1:

Module 1 of this program is aimed at empowering learners to take responsibility for their own emotions and actions - in all situations. The focus is on developing learners' ability to manage their emotions and choose appropriate behavioural responses to situations (as opposed to "reacting without thinking").

Without these "self management" competencies, people often complain and blame others when things go wrong. They also battle to cope with stress and might react "emotionally" when challenged.

Module 2:

Module 2 focuses on inter-personal effectiveness .

Communicating effectively and assertively require specific competencies, which will be dealt with in this module. Delegates will l earn how to positively influence verbal encounters by applying specific skills and techniques that are designed to build trust and promote co-operation.

Without these relationship management competencies, employees will not be able to communicate skillfully and purposefully in pressure situations. This might result in a lack of support amongst colleagues and poor team performance.

The program for Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers addresses the application of Communication and Relationship Management Skills in the context of managing people.



Delegates will learn:

Module 1:

  • About the principles involved in personal transformation
  • How to stop patterns of blaming and complaining and respond pro-actively to challenges (shifting from an external to an internal locus of control)
  • How to focus their energy and become more efficient in everything they do
  • How to identify limiting thought patterns and beliefs
  • How to change patterns and habits that lead to stress and unwanted outcomes
  • How to develop new ways of thinking and acting that will lead to success
  • How to apply emotional management techniques in challenging situations
  • How to motivate themselves and bounce back in times of adversity
  • How to handle criticism

Module 2:

  • How to present their ideas in a professional and concise manner
  • How to express their emotions constructively
  • How to establish rapport
  • How to use their body language to enhance their verbal messages
  • To listen actively and unconditionally
  • How to communicate understanding of other's thoughts and feelings
  • How to use questions in order to get quality information
  • How to give constructive feedback
  • How to elicit feedback from others and respond appropriately to feedback
  • How to manage conflict situations
  • How to influence others
  • How to motivate a team
  • Various strategies to build professional partnerships within the organisation
  • How to deal with "difficult" people

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