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Personal & Professional Success with NLP



This intensive and comprehensive PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS PROGRAM is solidly grounded in the expanding research from the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming: The New Technology for Human Achievement


SESSION 1: Life Design - The NLP Way

Creating a compelling future

Career prospects & goals

Personal and professional value systems

What stops you?

Goal imprinting


SESSION 2: Change - Inside Out and Outside in

Internal and external drivers of success

Mental and emotional programming

Language patterns of success

Habits of success

Self motivation

Self esteem and confidence


SESSION 3: Career & Leadership Excellence

How to use NLP techniques in developing your personal brand

Presenting yourself as a leader


Creativity and innovation

Motivating and inspiring others


SESSION 4: Working with Others

Communication styles and patterns

The art of building rapport

Perceptual positions (understanding others’ thinking)

Powerful influencing strategies

Dealing with other people’s problems


SESSION 5: Time and Money

Discover and work with your Time Line

Time management strategies

Personal and work priorities

Money as energy

Money management principles and techniques


SESSION 6: Health and Wellness

Who is in charge of your health and wellness?

The power of emotions

Stress management strategies

You are what you think (and eat)

Managing your energy levels

Well @ Work - wellness strategies for busy professionals


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