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- Customer Service



The knowledge and skills addressed in this workshop are fundamental to creating a customer-centric culture.

The workshop focuses on creating an understanding of "who the customer is", the needs that customers have and what to focus on in order to build and maintain long term relationships with customers.

A range of effective customer service skills and strategies are addressed and practiced.



Delegates will Learn:

  • About the value of excellent customer service and the impact of poor customer service on the business
  • How to always project a professional image, irrespective of the situation
  • How to apply specific standards and techniques to enhance the experience for customers - before, during and after an interaction
  • How to handle objections and ask questions in order to be more effective
  • That no customer is "difficult" or "unreasonable"
  • Specific techniques and processes for dealing with challenging situations with customers
  • How to communicate assertively
  • About common mistakes that customer service professionals make and how to avoid them
  • How to project a professional image over the phone
  • How people differ and how to spot the differences
  • How to flex their style to match that of the customer

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