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- People’s Perceptions of You Count!



This workshop focuses on the importance of “image” and¬†professionalism in the workplace.

It is often the “little” things in business that count - things that may seem insignificant in comparison to the major tasks presented to us daily. No matter what business we are in, it is not only what we do that influences our success, but also how we do it.

This workshop provides delegates with guidelines on how to conduct themselves at work and what strategies they can apply to manage others’ perceptions of them.



Delegates will learn :

  • Why it is important to conduct themselves professionally at work
  • About the typical incidents that occur in a “day in the life of a working person” and how to deal with them (including “hot topics” like punctuality, smoking, personal hygiene)
  • What “impression management” is and how to create a personal brand
  • How to present themselves in one-on-one and group meetings
  • How to survive corporate politics and deal with office gossip
  • How their self image influence their behaviour and attitude in situations
  • To apply strategies to build and maintain their own self esteem
  • About the importance of “image management” (managing the perceptions of others about them)
  • The basics of business etiquette
  • What behaviours might be regarded as disrespectful
  • What is meant by “walking the extra mile”

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