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- Effectively Manage your Mini-Business and Maximise your Results



This program is aimed at empowering learners with the competencies required to effectively plan, organise and control the efforts of the team in a way that supports the overall business strategy and objectives. Both the strategic and operational "master tasks" of Team Leaders are addressed.

The focus is on learning to:

  • Prioritising correctly,
  • Making sound decisions when faced with conflicting operational demands, and
  • Effectively organising and delegating work to achieve optimal productivity and team motivation
  • Taking decisions and solving problems in a team context



Delegates will learn:

  • What the strategic responsibilities of Team Leaders are
  • How to align the team strategy with that of the overall business
  • How to give direction to the team in achieving objectives
  • How to promote "living the organisational values"
  • How to set goals and standards for the team
    • Why goal setting is important
    • How to set SMART goals
    • How to apply the principles of effective goal setting
    • To apply a series of questions to enhance the quality of set goals
    • When and how to edit goals
    • About the role of goals in the process of motivating staff, increasing commitment and developing competencies at all levels in the organisation
  • How to prioritise, plan and schedule the work that needs to be done
    • How to use a "planning sheet" to outline goals and activities
    • To set checkpoints and controls for monitoring progress
    • To specify activities that lead to the achievement of goals
    • To select and manage resources appropriate to tasks
    • To analyse complex tasks and break them down into manageable chunks
    • To apply techniques to schedule projects and activities
  • How to effective delegate work to team members
    • About the differences between "delegation" and "abdication"
    • About the differences between "responsibility" and "accountability"
    • How to apply an effective delegation process
    • How to deal with resistance and objections
    • How to prepare people for "stretch tasks"
  • How to evaluate and monitor the team's efforts
    • How to determine and apply measurement standards
    • About the importance of addressing gaps in performance
    • How to address poor performance
  • How to facilitate goal oriented, effective meetings
  • How to solve problems and take decisions as a team
    • A model and step-by-step process for team problem solving
    • How to identify barriers or problems that threaten goals
    • How to distinguish between symptoms and problems
    • To collect and weigh evidence relating to causes
    • Techniques for locating the root problem(s) or cause(s)
    • A model and step-by-step process for team decision making
    • How to establish the goals and standards to be met by a decision
    • To explore all sources of appropriate options
    • How to identify the limits, desirables, and risks to be considered
    • How to assign weights and construct a decision matrix
    • How to communicate and implement decisions

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