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The Team Leadership Program focuses on strategies to achieve exceptional levels of team performance. The program equips Team Leaders with a range of practical skills and useful tools to promote teamwork, cooperation and high levels of motivation productivity ..



Delegates will learn:

Module 1:

  • About the nature of teams, teamwork and team leadership
  • How to assess their teams and identify whether their teams are in trouble
  • About the benefits of teamwork
  • To determine their personal team leadership style and the impact thereof on the team's functioning
  • About the responsibilities of team leaders
  • About the characteristics of effective team leaders
  • Practical ways of building the internal strengths required to effectively lead their teams
  • What personal branding is and how to develop the brand of "team leader"
  • Powerful verbal communication strategies that promote teamwork and trust
  • Powerful non-verbal (body language) communication strategies
  • What phrases to avoid when speaking to teams
  • About the barriers to effective team communication
  • How to overcome the nine communication challenges that team leaders face
  • How to communicate effectively during team meetings

Module 2:

  • The secret to motivating and inspiring your team
  • Seven successful motivation strategies
  • What demotivates people
  • About their assumptions about people and the impact thereof on how they respond to situations
  • How to confront non-performing team members
  • How to handle the situation when a team member fails
  • How to influence uncooperative team members
  • How to address low productivity
  • How to handle conflict in a way that builds commitment
  • How to involve team members in decision making
  • How to solve problems in the team

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