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- Excel in the Role of Learning Facilitator



This workshop is aimed at equipping Trainers/Learning Facilitators with the knowledge and skills required to deliver high impact learning solutions that facilitate behaviour change and have an impact on the performance of the organisation.



On completion of this program learners will be able to:

  • Analyse learning needs and determine the key elements required to achieve the defined outcomes
  • Focus on performance improvement rather than delivering training
  • Plan and prepare for facilitation in terms of resources, locations, material and possible learning barriers
  • Create an environment conducive to adult learning
  • Use professional communication and facilitation skills appropriate to an adult learning event
  • Manage the interpersonal dynamics of a learning group
  • Communicate effectively with adult learners
  • Promote learner involvement through the use of appropriate facilitation skills
  • Facilitate knowledge and skills transfer to learners
  • Use a variety of learning methodologies and techniques appropriate to the subject matter being facilitated
  • Review and evaluate the planning, preparation and facilitation of a learning event

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