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Time Management

- Productivity is not the (only) Answer



The amount of work and continuous challenges and changes that employees need to face on a daily basis often leave them feeling overwhelmed and powerless.

This program is aimed at providing learners with ideas and techniques on managing their time such they feel more in control and can enjoy life more.




    • Introduction: Your relationship with time: How do you experience time?
    • New ways of relating to time
    • Lifestyle design


    How to get more control over your time

    Techniques for gaining more control over your time

    • Results orientation
    • Concentration
    • Over-commitment (Prioritisation)
    • Interruptions
    • Beat procrastination
    • Time savers


    How to ensure that you feel good about how you spend your time

    • Wheel of Life
    • Saying "no"
    • Goal setting
    • "Me" time

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