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Handling Challenging Conversations Tactfully



The quality of our professional relationships is hugely impacted by our ability to handle challenging conversations in the workplace. The conversations that matter most are often the hardest to manage. "Challenging" conversations take you out of your comfort zone. They require of you to step up to the conversation when you know that the other party might react emotionally, or you might loose your composure.

This workshop is designed to equip Employees, Managers and Supervisors with practical skills and tools to positively and assertively influence these verbal encounters that are usually dreaded and often avoided.

Without these communication competencies, employees might not be able to communicate skillfully and purposefully in pressure situations and fail to contribute to create an environment conducive to high productivity and performance.



Delegates will learn:

  • How to manage their own emotional reactions in high pressure situations
  • How to keep calm in unexpected confrontations
  • How to turn aggressiveness into assertiveness
  • When to initiate a challenging conversation and implications of not doing so
  • What to do when the other party refuses to cooperate
  • What "tact" is and how to structure "tactful" messages
  • To confidently and effectively apply a range of core skills designed to promote cooperation and trust when the stakes are high
  • To identify and remove barriers to listening and understanding the other person's viewpoint
  • To structure the message in a way that highlights your positive intentions
  • To give constructive feedback
  • To elicit feedback from others
  • How to deal with differences in power
  • How to plan for and conduct a number of specific challenging conversations at work, for example:
    • Let's talk about my / your salary
    • Let's talk about my / your development and career
    • Let's talk about my / your performance
    • Let's talk about how your will be measure / I'm measured
    • Let's talk about sexual or other harassment
    • Let's talk about something touchy and personal
    • Let's talk about my / your job (deadlines / overworked etc)
    • Let's talk about how you treat me
    • Let's talk about ... you talking all the time!
    • Let's talk about your attitude
    • Let's talk about you talking behind my back
    • Let's talk - at a networking event
  • How to deal with resistance and defensiveness
  • How to deal with emotional outbursts and crying
  • How to create the conditions required to safely speak your mind

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