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- Basic Emotional Management Techniques – including Stress and Anger Management



This workshop is aimed at helping learners to understand how they create and are able to manage their own emotions. They learn how to take responsibility for their emotions, and to change their dysfunctional “emotional reactions” to more functional responses that lead to positive outcomes.

These competencies are key to personal and professional success.

Specific, powerful techniques for managing strong emotions (e.g. stress and anger) are discussed and practiced.



Delegates will learn :

  • What emotions are
  • How they create their own emotions
  • To take responsibility for their emotions and actions in all situations
  • How to use positive self-talk to produce a change in “mood”
  • How to choose functional responses in challenging situations
  • How to deal with intense emotions like frustration and anger in a healthy and constructive way
  • To manage their own stress levels through the use of powerful stress reduction strategies
  • To motivate themselves in times of adversity
  • To apply transformational daily habits
  • To apply pro-active self-care strategies

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